Warrant of Fitness

Quick and reliable warrant of fitness certificates across the Auckland North Shore

Over the life of your car, it’s going to be experiencing all kinds of bumps, knocks, scrapes and minor divots. These little minor damages can really add up, and eventually render your vehicle unsafe for use on the road, costing you thousands of dollars in fines, or even your life. Certify your car is in the tip top condition today, when you call on the team at Northern Car Services to work their automotive magic.

What is the Warrant of Fitness?

The warrant of fitness, or WOF for short, is a certification from a qualified master auto mechanic that your car is road ready, safe and represents a minimal danger to other road users. To achieve a warrant of fitness, your car must adhere to a few key safety guidelines, and undergo a series of tests and examinations to certify its suitability.

Our team are totally experienced in examining and creating warrant of fitness certificates for cars, ensuring their safety, performance and suitability.
Car mechanic holding up keys after completed service
Get your warrant of fitness: call 09 442 2441!

The Process

Our team will inspect, examine and intuitively explore the internal workings of your car. With a keen eye and a dedicated base of expertise, our team can pick the issues that you may miss, and that may cost you in further damage, fines or injury.

Once your car is all repaired and replenished, we will write up a quick and reliable warrant of fitness certificate to ensure that your vehicle is road ready, safe and secure.
Car expert refilling oil in engine
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